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106. Berlin Six Day Race

By 16. January 2017March 6th, 2023No Comments


Since Wednesday morning, this year’s Berlin Six-Day Race is history. This time no less than 7 sprinters from the USA, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Germany caused a sensation with their sprint competitions. Robert finished second overall behind his perennial rival Maximian Levy.

“I am very happy with this start to the year, unprepared from basic and strength training. From day to day I improved, became almost half a second faster in the lap record race and then could decide it for me on the last day,” said Robert.

Overall, he found the tradition-steeped race, owned by the British since this year, a success despite some teething problems on the first day. If you want to get a small picture of the atmosphere in the Velodrom from those at home
wants, you can click here:

Of course, this year’s Sunday edition of the “Berliner Kurier” also featured a current “mood picture” from Förstemann. Many thanks to Berlin for this: