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31.07.08 The 5 sprinters finish their last pre-Olympic training camp at the Erfurt


The 5 sprinters finish their last pre-Olympic training camp at the Erfurt cycling track and it’s now off to Beijing …


Robert landed well in Beijing and moved into the Olympic Village …

Check In Berlin Tegel

At 17:15 CEST, the aircraft took off in an easterly direction. 02.30 CEST came the SMS “landed well”. In the meantime, Robert has arrived in the Olympic Village: “I was greeted with a beaming smile by Philipp Boy, whom I know well from Cottbus, and by Fabian Hambüchen. One of the two travel bags is still missing, it will arrive tomorrow. I could not sleep on the plane, at most one hour. The city has dressed up.” Robert gave that briefly over the phone.

Robert will now continue to fight for his starting place in Beijing. “After my injury, I was able to match the performance of the others again well, was even faster repeatedly in the last few days. I continue to get in shape and am available for positions 1 and 2 in the team sprint.”

07/31/2008: Around 20:30 today Robert left his hometown Gera for Berlin.

In the morning, the 5 sprinters completed their last pre-Olympic training at the Erfurt cycling track. Among others, the coach and the head of the department of the Federal Police also came to the event. Robert was able to present them with a very good final training. Since the weekend, Robert has been riding almost pain-free and he has the stomach problems under control. He was able to keep his form strong
and the times, now also in position 1 again, give reason to hope for a lot.

Training break on 27.07.2008 – View from Petersberg to the Erfurt Cathedral

In a three-part relaxed interview Robert woke up the listeners of the Landeswelle Thüringen this morning between 06:00 and 09:00. He talked about his hopes for the starting place in Beijing, about his parents’ worries about his health in the past weeks, about his racing bikes, about the upcoming joint flight with the German basketball players around Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kamann. He also gave tips on how to deal with the heat these days. In the meantime, the first e-mails are already coming in from the Olympic village with hints and tips. So Robert will share a housing unit with the German medal hopefuls in the Madison Roger Kluge and Olaf Pollak. Striking Lufthansa has assured Olympians of top priority. However, as a precaution, athletes should take their own food for the flight.

On Saturday afternoon, the 5 sprinters will fly to the Middle Kingdom.