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On the way to Hong Kong – World Cup 2017

By 31. March 2017March 6th, 2023No Comments


After the start in the evening in Berlin-Tegel and a stopover in Frankfurt/M., the German national team with Robert is now on the A380 on its way to the Track Cycling World Championships (April 12 to 16) in Hong Kong. This was preceded by a training camp in Frankfurt/O., the successful qualification and nomination of the athletes. On board the plane are for the starts in the short time:

  • Pauline Grabosch (Erfurt)
  • Emma Hinze (Cottbus)
  • Kristina Vogel (Erfurt)
  • Miriam Welte (Kaiserslautern)
  • Maximilian Dörnbach (Wingerode)
  • Joachim Eilers (Chemnitz)
  • Eric Engler (Cottbus)
  • Robert Förstemann (Berlin)
  • Marc Jurczyk (Erfurt)
  • Max Niederlag (Chemnitz)

Robert will start the young team with Eric Engler and Max Niederlag in the team sprint. “It would be too presumptuous to want to go for the title right away, although it would be time again after 2010, my last World Championship gold,” Robert told the Thuringian press during a visit to his hometown of Gera. Here he had on his way to the World Cup preparation course in Frankfurt/O. made a stop for a sponsoring appointment at the AfA Autohaus Gera-Nord
GmbH to complete. The Gera car dealership also made Robert mobile again on the road after a longstanding and committed sponsorship with AVS Autohaus Scholz had come to an end.

To ensure that Robert is also well and safely on his bikes on the road and track in Hong Kong immediately before and during the World Championships, his sponsors and supporters have really “stepped on the gas”. Without them, material-intensive top-level sport would not be possible.

We wish Robert and the team a good flight, a soft landing and successful immediate World Cup preparation in Hong Kong.